Unbundled Legal Services – Representing Yourself in Court – In Pro Per

Representing yourself in court? Use unbundled legal services when you want the most bang for your limited bucks. You don’t need to go through your legal case alone. With my help you will have:

  • Affordable attorney advice from an experienced civil trial and family law lawyer.
  • Help to avoid making expensive errors that may or may not be able to be fixed.
  • Confidential, supportive attorney help without being pressured.
  • Truthful, unbiased advice in your best interest.

You will have a better understanding of your legal rights, duties and court procedures. You will know that you are doing things correctly.

I offer pay-as-you-go and flat-fee unbundled legal services to Californians representing themselves in court. I provide advice in person, by phone and/or through email to help you understand the law and how it applies to your circumstances.

Schedule a FREE initial consultation to see how my unbundled legal services can help you.

Pay-As-You-Go Legal Advice and Coaching

After your initial free 20 minute consultation you can book my help in 15 or 30 minute increments for legal coaching. This is a flat-rate and is for the entire time booked even if all of your questions and concerns are answered in less time. There is never a retainer. You pay for the help you need as you need it.

Flat-Fee Unbundled Services

The flat fee depends on your specific circumstances and needs. The fee I quote you is paid prior to me completing the work for you and is to reserve my time to help you complete a specific legal task or issue. There are no additional fees that I charge for my time. I can provide you with advice, coaching, document preparation and/or detailed written checklists and instructions for the following specific legal tasks or issues:

California Family Law

  • Request for Orders to Modify Existing support agreements (includes one court hearing)
  • Child Custody, Visitation, and/or Child Support agreement
  • Annulments
  • Paternity Agreements and Judgments – uncontested
  • Stipulated Agreement Modifying Judgment
  • Bifurcation to terminate marital status
  • Publication of Divorce (in addition to divorce package)
  • Half-finished case, but you want it completed
  • Wage Assignment
  • Response to Petition for Separation, Divorce or Paternity
  • Establish Legal Paternity
  • Name change after divorce
  • Pre-Nuptial agreement
  • Co-habitation agreement

California Civil Cases

  • Drafting Summons and Complaint (Civil)
  • Drafting Answer or Response to Complaint (Civil)
  • Case Management Conference statement
  • Prepare or Respond to Form Interrogatories, Special Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, or Request for Admissions
  • Assistance for taking or defending Depositions
  • Subpoenaing records or witnesses for hearings
  • Trial Readiness Conference preparation
  • Coaching for Trials or Hearings
  • Assistance for Arbitrations or Mediations
  • Insurance Interpleader cases
  • Administrative hearings or state licensing reinstatement